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Nourish Your Nature™ |  Strive To Thrive™

The Nourished Warrior is the expression of a collective mission to nourish & uplift humanity.

With a philosophy of #thriveology – Our efforts are rooted in Intuitive Energy Medicine, Herbalism, Holistic Healing & the Activation of our collective Warrior Spirit.  

Our mission is to raise the consciousness of Plant-Based & Whole-Self Healing through an arsenal of Alchemies, Elixirs, Tonics & Truth.  

Arming you with tools of empowerment and wellbeing for a thriving life.

how we can help you, help you.

in short: we want to support you in your strive to thrive

Building an arsenal to fuel the way of the Warrior; whether you are seeking guidance to manifest your best life or wisdom to heal your health – We have secret weapons to wield in the war for optimal wellness.  


curating a clean living arsenal: the path to thriving calls for a shift in perception; cultivating a holistic viewpoint, a toxin-free perspective thats rooted in truth will fuel a dedication to conscious living.

longing for a life that’s liberated: envision...being less imbalanced and more present, more empowered and less enslaved, less obligated and more motivated to harness the warrior you already are, wide awake and moving bravely forward in your journey to highest level healing.


NOURISH YOUR NATURE:  bespoke bodhi and curated consulting to elevate & empower your journey. Facilitating straight-up, sans-bullshit, intuitive guidance & support, Cultivating connection and conscious-conversation between you and your inner warrior; Through insights-based truth serum sessions to unlock, unblock, unleash your Nourished Warrior nature.

In general there are a variety of different ways by which we work with clients;
ranging from offering consulting/support & guidance to the sourcing and developing of unique, curated remedies, healing strategies and lifestyle plans.

Consulting with individuals to develop personalized plans, and/or offer intuitive healing advice is offered based on individual need. ( typically it includes completing a preliminary questionnaire to evaluate overall wellness of the mind,body,spirit complex which helps to establish a blueprint of your overall state and creates a basis for cultivating the appropriate plan of action/ next steps. )
This combined with a kind of intuitive / energy medicine yields an integrative approach to discovering an individual’s unique path to healing/wellness.
*This is an in-depth process recommended for those who are generally unsure as to the root of their imbalance/illness.

For individuals who are seeking support on a specific diagnosis or illness, we begin by combining intuition and integrative analysis to gain insight into your history i.e.: asking as to your diagnosis: what have the western medicine doctors offered as an explanation; have you seen naturopaths or any other practitioners? and which treatments you have been experimenting with, i.e.: what have you tried, what worked and what did not etc. as well as what you are currently taking.
* this type of support is a focused specifically on healing the blockages/imbalances which are causing your symptoms.



to a very small / limited number of clients each year, we offer a series of guidance & support services incorporating expertise in:

leaf-bulletconscious awakening support– wisdom for conscious awakening / humanity’s hero journey, including: Recovery from the amnesia of our collective slumber, Lifting the veil of secrecy around who we really are, mapping our cosmic DNA.

( NOTICE : If you think this means getting #WOKE, or if you ever use the word #WOKE  – this isn’t the place for you. )

leaf-bulletmedical intuitive/ energy medicine – analysis, assessment & attunment to the frequency of ‘thrive’

leaf-bulletactivation: wisdom for activating your warrior within; using sacred tools, practical skills and support

leaf-bulletbotanical bodhi: plant-based healing methods weaving wellness from the love of what’s not in it. 

leaf-bulletcustom empowerment wear: curated crystal healing and artisan accessory crafting, bespoke jewelry designs to empower & outfit your outer warrior by enerCHI®


 arrow highvibe holistic nutritional strategy: (un) learning (re)education / discovery sessions around nourishing menus, whole-food, raw, gluten-free, organic, vegan, alkaline and anti-inflammatory diets + Nutritional consulting & diet analysis and development of mindful menus 

arrow detoxing your shopping cart: warrior wisdom for stress-free shopping, banishing GMOS, heavy metals & chemical weapons from your food supply.

arrow greening your world: the benefits of living an organic lifestyle: infographics, & informative editorial features, recipes & covering subjects from Appetite-Aids to Zen-and the art of eating. 

arrow Warrior Wellness baskets : a subscription service featuring weekly organic boxes delivered to your door including: artisan-crafted products by conscious candy® apothecary alchemies by Bodhi Blends® intention wear by enerCHI® and many other organic food & lifestyle products 

arrow Bodhi Blends®: apothecary alchemy: featuring organic, raw, vegan and wildcrafted plant-based Bodhi-care, high-vibration elixirs, handcrafted tinctures, antidotes & ambrosias

arrow providing wisdom on hydration + the miracle of waterlocal delivery of structured alkaline water

for more information or to request a consultation:  you may contact us @thenourishedwarrior@gmail.com or



partners + fellow warriors we love

a curated collective of conscious brands conspiring to fuel your thriving:

enerCHI jewleryenerCHI ® wearable vibes, intention-based empowerment wear: artistic alchemies and powerful healing solutions to arm you on your journey to highest level happiness

put simply:
enerCHI® tools of empowerment conspire to help you thrive. artisan hand-crafted to raise your consciousness, inspire your mindfulness, and empower your intention.

wear with intention:
enerCHI® creates artisan energetic solutions harnessing 3 simple-yet-sacred principles:
intention. energy. presence. Blended into custom tools that provide access to unlocking, unleashing, unabashedly liberating your own personal power
the unlimited ability manifest your own potential.

Intuitively crafted wear, with “intention-specific” CHI:

simply stated: we deliver intention-based empowerment.one of a kind vitalizing wellness-wear to inspire, to motivate and to elevate your life-force. consciously-crafted art to act as a catalyst to highest level happiness.

enerCHI® is all about your intention:

ensuring optimal energetic alignment in each piece, unique materials and formulations are custom-blended to amplify & empower the holistic healing properties of crystals, chakras, cosmic forces, but most importantly: you.

in service to your highest level happiness: with our custom empowerment creations, we are redefining the concept of one-of-a-kind craftsmanship… formulated to work with your unique frequency, enerCHI custom wear is distinctive fuel designed for your own evolutionary journey. custom order-items begin with an in-kind intuitive consultation to explore & discover your particular energetic needs and craft multi-leveled empowerment tools, to supercharge your intentions.


EcocentricGuide: Canada’s goodspotting guide: an indie-media source since ’08, celebrating all that’s good in sustainable, ethical, grassroots, conscious business-sphere.

a ‘voice for the little (green)guy’. ECG hatched way back before the verge of the eco-explosion.  Consistently striving to serveup the best in deeply original, ethically-minded goodness from our often underappreciated, independent homegrown heroes.

a wordy- celebration of conscious & mindful innovators in the Canadian eco-sphere, ECG’s been surfing the wave from the green ecolution,  to the blue ethicalution, & our advocacy for conscious consumerism stands strong.

“a voice for the good-guy” ECG continues to evolve as a prime appreciator, instigator & supporter of the grassroots movements that are fueling social change.

Happy instigators of grassrootsgoodness movements such as; 416- Show some Local Love and Be Happy Toronto; We’re the Pioneer supporters of Canadian Ethical Indie culture, we remain stoked on delivering the mindful, the conscious, the real local love.

* do you have a small, ethical, grassroots, homegrown business, product or service- that you would like to unleash to the world?  Are you a PR or media rep.  for a brand? check out the about us page @ecocentricguide

If you wish to sample some of these products for yourself, or are ready to take on a lifestyle of wellness and wealth-  you may contact us for more info. thenourishedwarrior@gmail.com




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