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Exploration, Discovery & Healing @ the Total Health Show 2013

On a lovely spring afternoon in Toronto, had the good fortune to spend it exploring the Total Health Show @ the Toronto convention centre- which is run by a not for profit and is an annual event that celebrates the holistic world and the plethora of mostly under the radar wisdom and wonder cultivated by all of us fellow brave healthy entrepreneurs, Dr’s, Scientists and practitioners… there is to be a farmer’s market, where we will stop for some early-day nourishment, a vendor-space where hopefully we will discover some interesting and innovative developments in the holistic-sphere. We decided against a table at this event for our intention-based jewelery company – enerCHI as in the last few years we have been focused more on the custom-wear aspect of the business than the craft=show- direct to consumer/mass- way of marketing. ) having said that there is some real excitement brewing around what potential gems we might find along our journey. Apologies it never came to fruition, but i was hoping to be able to video some of the proceedings, specifically some of the lecture series that features a variety of experts in a diverse manner of areas- specifically we are planning to be present for Nick Begich‘s seminar on HAARP ( for those of you who are not party to the realities of HAARP- it’s a pretty terrifying ongoing program run by the same peeps who are responsible for CHEMTRAILS… HAARP is short for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, among other questionable cohorts. It’s a pretty scary proposition and while technically it is described: ”  its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance. “ at an overall the truth is more deeply disturbing, and for those brave enough to step into the know i would suggest checking Nick’s documentary film ‘ Angels don’t play this HAARP’

Based on his best selling book, Dr. Nick Begich presents a compelling discussion of one of the important military advances of the United States government….digging even deeper into the truth behind HAARP will certainly lead you to a different view of the northern lights…check out: – Though we did not make it to the show in time to enjoy Nick’s wisdom, we are well acquainted with his work and highly recco. educating yourself as to the reality he presents within it.

Another terrifying yet enlightening experience in our day – was a film screening of Genetic Roulette

a real wake up call as to just how deep the corruption of our food chain truly is… unveiling a world most of us have never seen: exposing the bullying & deceit of the biotech industry, some of many of Monsanto’s strong arm tactics, the FDA’s fraudulent policies, & how the USDA adamantly ignores a growing health emergency- Jeffrey Smith’s mesmerizing film shines a bright light of hope that we can reclaim our health and our food systems
Watch it & be galvanized, inspired, and engaged.

post Total Health Show show roundup:

total health show

After gratefully being granted media passes on behalf of Ecocentric Guide, we took to exploring the holistic wellness space, that was the Total Health Show– there were exhibitors from every corner of the conscious business sphere it seemed, a holistic heaven for LOHAS lovers and local wellness-junkies alike. We started by mingling with some of the vendors whom were showcasing products that were most aligned with our mission for the day: which was to discover some new tools to implement into our healing experiment, or to obtain some treatments that would empower our current regime. We wandered past the booth taking “Auric Photography” capturing your energetic image by way of digital camera ( though i had to wonder how much of this can be enhanced in photoshop )… tasting our way through a plethora of gourmet…gluten free, vegan and raw food deliciousness- chemical free crackers, cookies and cakes– washing it down with Coconut water as we happily nourished our curiosity and hunger for some free and tasty healing.

Gisela + crew were representing Natural, giving away some sweet baskets full of goodies- alongside promoting their Bliss Passes, which offer incentives for ethical shopping across the country via rewards, discounts and other freebies. Of course a pioneer in eco-media, I am Always an advocate for peeps puttin’ out just another reason to support the sustainable business. She gifted us a lovely calendar, featuring gorgeous cultural paintings by local Artist, Sheena Singh and it serves to be said, despite our app-controlled lives- there is something old-school irreplaceable about taking pen to paper, to pencil in your plans.

acupunctureThe first exciting stop we made was at a booth, where a lovely Asian man named Dr. Howard, who was a practicing medical doctor in china for 20 years, was sharing his newest innovation and invention ” needle-less accupuncture” The product itself is an innovation in this modality as it offers a portable system by which to heal- ‘ The Health Recovery Chips’ – are a unique kit that includes all that is needed to administer a safe and needle-free form of accupuncture. What was being showcased was one of the 5 different kits available for purchase – Dr. Howard was offering sample 2 minute treatments for free- and various other opportunities for experiencing this modality- the top level treatment available was around $50 for a full 20 minutes, (  luckily our media passes granted us what seemed to be an extra measure of kindness and generosity throughout the day), and we were treated to a full-length treatment which was interesting to stay the least. The Health Recovery Chip Wellness and Vitality System’ – is what was being used for this particular treatment- ( the kit itself; included 5 stones nestled in a platter, 1 jade pressure point wand, tape, 1 bottle of Surface Liquid, tape for the stones to be affixed to the skin )  Accupuncture itself has only really been garnering the respect it deserves and gaining the popularity it needs to flourish and effect higher level healing, in the last 10 years. With a large Asian poplulation in Toronto, the opportunity to experience experts in this modality, is vast in this city. Typically acupuncture is administered via a strategically placed series of special needles, deliberately placed upon different points in the body- according to the individual’s unique energy flow ( or lack thereof ) and particular blockages. The end goal- is to unleash, un-hinder and promote the healthy flow of energy/CHI throughout the body- by balancing the meridians. Advocates for this healing practice will tell you- its ability to cure illness, is remarkable, often inexplicable considering there is no prescription for pills or pass off to big-pharma involved in this exchange. Practitioners of accupuncture are deeply knowledgeable on how the life force runs, not only through the body but through the universe itself, after all we are all part of the same mass of energy.) Here is a unique chart provided by the Shennon Group…

So taking this energetic knowledge as the axis point of this healing practice- it only makes sense that all you would really need to administer this art, is a skillfull understanding of the meridian points, an intuitive knowledge of the body and some tools by which to place upon the physical body- to draw, generate and move the energy itself- thus Needle-less Acupuncture, makes sense from an overall perspective. Dr. Howard was using his own invention, something never before seen in this field ( at least we had never seen it ! ) He had crafted a kit which included 6 hexagonal stones. Each engraved with a symbol, each the same size, colour and shape. Prior to treatment we were asked whether we had any problem areas or pain, My brother had 3 stones placed upon points in his spine, and i watched as Dr. Howard gingerly taped all full five stones- across my bare abdomen, sharing with me that ” The higher my tolerance, the hotter they would get” Tolerance in this case, means not your tolerance for pain, but the energetic level of the pain itself. Seeing as i have been – albeit recently decreasing, regularly experiencing abdominal pain, i excitedly obliged this rather odd seeming practice of placing shapes upon my stomach as i sat amidst a crowd of hundreds wandering by… While the stones themselves went to work – we got an interesting briefing on the history of the stones- while they were brown in colour- they were in fact, mostly made of Jade ( one of our favourite crystals/gemstones to work with when crafting our own healing tools ) So we were happy to learn that someone else was harnessing its healing properties to work on the energy within the body.

Jade is one of the most revered stones throughout history- often being referred to as a stone of wisdom, protection and purity- it also works to protect its wearer from harm-& foster harmony and alignment of the chakras. It has a profound ability to promote emotional release, especially of any sense of anger, irritability or negativity ( all emotions that would create blockage and discord within the meridian system ) On a physical level, jade supports the body’s filtration and elimination process, removing toxins, especially from the kidney and adrenal glands, balancing bodily fluids, and rebinding cellular systems on a deep foundational level.

Dr. Howard has been practicing chinese medicine in Toronto for 15 years, and he has just recently developed this new innovation in Acupuncture, offering an ancient modality a modern-esque twist on delivery, by integrating the profound healing properties of natural stone with the targeted energy centres that make up the unique matrix of Qi that sustains our physical bodies in this reality. The stones, Howard said would begin to feel hot, or rather your body would begin to feel increasingly h0t- as the stones pulled the energy from your pain body out. The physics of this experience was nothing short of fascinating as the stones themselves, just as Howard said they would- remained completely and utterly cold to the touch, yet under the taped hexagonal jade, our bodies began to burn… it started out as a warm sensation similar to placing a heating pad on the skin in targeted areas, and it began to build rather rapidly over the twenty minute period, eventually becoming akin to the sensation of rubbing on all too much A-535, vicks vapo rub or some other analgesic balm that causes your skin to burn. My brother lasted about 10 of the 20 minutes before needing to have the stones removed, his pain body quite large from years of chronic suffering- the heat below the treatment tools became too much to bare. I lifted my shirt and stared fascinatedly at my bare abdomen as it began to burn as well, similar to the feeling of being scalded by a hot iron brand, i imagine as i have never experienced that manner of burning, the sensation equates with that in my mind. Upon removal we were told that the burning sensation would continue for at least ten more minutes as the energy continued dispersing, providing healing to our overall auric field, our physical bodies and alignment in our meridians that- for both of us, was lacking due to illness, imbalance and pain. We walked away with smiles and sensation that we had just undergone something far more profound than we had realized, wondering if the burning itself was in fact a distraction from the underlying pain, not actually lessening it, but providing some ulterior measure of focus for the conscious mind to busy itself with… But indeed, just as Howard said, the pain itself had subsided, considerably and though the burning continued ( along with 5 growing red blotches on my tummy that looked like an allergic reaction ) all of that was but a small side effect- to a much larger measure of healing that took place at booth # ( ill insert booth here when i remember ) For those practitioners out there who are looking to add another level of integrative medicine to their clinics, or for individuals who have the investment dollars to acquire one of these Healing Kits- i would strongly recco. going in for a treatment, experiencing this amazing modality- live- and then making the investment to nourish your nature- by adding this to your arsenal.


Next on our journey we stopped in the centrepoint of this vast holistic- healing-wonderland, the wafting scent of artisanal food overtook our senses and the hunger for some nourishment gave us pause- at the food vendors. After taking stock of our options, we decided upon fueling ourselves- with arguably the best bit of cuisine available under the roof of the convention centre that day… In 2009 Ecocentric Guide discovered a wee little chocolate operation, at a Farmers market- a pedal powered-band of chocolatiers- that biked it’s baked goods and artisan chocolate around the city of Toronto, for years- delivering raw chocolate goodness to the sweet toothed masses… Those in the know, know that cacao has incredible healing properties in itself, the food of the gods, it was considered by many an ancient culture, especially Aztec and Mayan, which this ingenious Toronto operation- has based its business model around, ChocoSol, is a horizontal trading organization participating in trading networks that support economic production and growers in Mexico, as well as other regions (including local farmers). ( Another aspect of horizontal trade is passing on the best prices to networks, artisans and customers that show solidarity. ) Partnering with Suppliers in Oaxaca, Mexico, has enabled ChocoSol to bring the raw chocolate goodness for coming up on 5 years. This year it seems, they have rebranded, reinvented and are delivering an updated and expanded menu of Home-cooked delights. The lovely chefs, were hand=pressing organic purple corn grain into masa, and then hand-pressing it into vegan and gluten free tortillas, which were the base for some of the most amazing quesadilla creations- ever to grace the lips of a Nourished Warrior. Just, pure yum.

Picture 12Overall Nourished Warrior ‘Arms factor’: 9.5

vrajaBellies full and hunger satiated, we thirstily made our way to each and every one of the Alkaline and ionized and otherwise enhanced water vendors- tasting the purity and empowered hydration offered by advancements in an ancient industry- water.  At the show that day, there was one table generously giving out free bottled water and we hunted it down like clue-finders in the amazing race to quench our thirst, at one point stopping to ask someone where they had retrieved their bottle- her answer being ” off yonder… follow your intuition”… and so we did, making our way to the back corner of the room- never finding the water, but instead intuitively stumbling upon something else much more intriguing… living Buddhas in our midst, the Nuns representing the ‘Buddha Maitreya’ brought Shambhala Healing Tools of sacred geometric meditation, healing meditation tools & music – their space was filled with crystal and giant copper pyramids, set up as an interactive experience. Chairs strategically placed around a copper pyramid, each with its own headset- resonating deeply meditative music, as you were told to sit, holding two ‘ Earth Etheric Weavers® ,or  Vajra Etheric Weavers,  – each about 2″ x 2″ x 20″ featuring long double terminated, symmetrical laboratory grown pure quartz to  provide a photon light source, neodymium rare earth magnets placed in the center of each crystal, exciting the photon light and being channeled by copper wire, which was wrapped around each crystal to “radiate out the light like a radio transmitter. Each wand also said to have radiated ‘the blessings of Buddha Maitreya,” According to the Nuns, The Etheric weavers are to be used by holding in the hand as a pendulum, it is said- when you put the Earth Etheric Weaver in a Pyramid or Metatron Pyramids such as we were sitting under, – that they heal not only you- but also the environment and Earth..working like generators that draw negative past and future karma, transforming it to become more aligned to the initiations for the nations and humanity. “pyramid

From their website: ” The Etheric field is God. It is the pulse and the matrix that holds everything together. Through your humility, you ask God to work through you, not to be in charge of you but to co-create with God. It is the intellect that causes separation and it is through the Etheric Field where the past, present and future the mind, emotions and the physical all come together and can be healed. “ ….Sitting under this pyramid, holding these wands, listening to the sounds of a deep and resonant hum…  according to the Nuns, provided us Soul Therapy. A most fascinating experience as we both sat, eyes closed, slipping in the midst of a crowd of many, into a realm beyond this space. In all honesty i likely could have sat there, peacefully, happily all day- the experience felt as if i was being fed a soul-level healing shift, while being encompassed by a protective energy, that at once felt subtly purifying. The experience itself lasted about 10 minutes, or so it seemed- in that transcendental state- it full well could have been more like an hour, a shift that is still taking place began in that chair, as i felt myself downloading light, becoming at once aware of my humanity, and my infinite nature- i was being given a message to move on, carrying with me the wisdom, and the hope that despite all that is stacked against us, against me in this life, be it illness, or poverty, or suffering or strife, i can hold fast to the inner knowing that this life is but a journey to something greater. An opportunity to evolve before the next level of existence, be it ascension, or re-birth karma, be it death before im old. I feel safe in knowing unequivocally- i can heal, me. The tools are everywhere, all around and every day becoming stronger. So it is my mission in this life, it is our mission in this life- as Nourished Warriors to share them with you, to empower you to Nourish Your Nature. Becoming bigger, better, brighter, bolder and move more brazenly towards your thriving.

Picture 12Overall Nourished Warrior ‘Arms factor’: 8.8

thank you to all whom provided us inspiration at the Total Health Show 2013, we carry on our collective journey, nourished by your kindness, your tools and your light.

staff* note as we continue to grow The Nourished Warrior we will be implementing a grading system of sorts, that based upon our experience with each particular tool- we will assign an ‘ Arms Factor’ numbered from 1-10- it will provide you with some insight as to how powerful each individual tool, has the possibility to be- within your Nourished Warrior Arsenal.

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My Medical Marijuana Journey: an experimental series: vol. 2

the following is a series of entries, as i progressed through the first real week of treatment, i let the medicine do its work and when i was compelled, inspired or otherwise had important information to note, i wrote.
i wrote alot.
i am presenting these notes in a journalistic format- and any additional information i have to share, will be inserted at the end of this piece.
Much has happened since i began this wellness journey and i want to provide as thorough a look at the process as i can.

March 18th,
dosage= 1 capsule per day in the morning
it’s around 4 am, going in to the fifth day of the new healing regime between my nutitional shakes and feeling good about polishing off the reference area to the first piece of the series, i am happy.

I’ve felt a little while ‘on’ these capsules, as if each time i dose  the medicine; a tiny motor is being set off- ignited inside me and i propel forward into the day with a sense of newness that is welcome in the late winter days,  spring is the most deceitful season, erratic and often unforgiving in its surges of temperament, yet
alleviating the sense of never ceasing winter- is the lingering sunlight in the late afternoon- that strives with the axis of the earth, surely to bring back long days, warm days, filled with promise.

– i seem to remain unattached to the concept that i am amidst the possible throes of a health crisis, as it seems quite intense when i consider falling momentarily into a throttle of fear- i feel a brief grasp around my heart like hot fingers made of metal that’s been heated on a stove.

but then i breathe myself back into the moment and remember that all is only illusory but now- and i am safe and warm indoors and alive.

organic nuts still crunch delicious- and i am still thriving compared to many. We decided early to up my dose to two capsules- so i am quickening this healing experiment, getting as much herbal remedy into me, as possible… hold on tight child, you are in for an interesting ride…whispers the voice inside me, of she who must know what lays ahead.

 March 19th,
dosage= 2 capsule per day in the morning
it’s early afternoon…there has been a noticeable- change since i upped the dosage to 2 capsules vs. 1- i have picked up on the subtle shift that in essence when i tune in, feels like something gently picks me up- and whisks me along my hours- the daily activities i allow to unfold organically, and i take moments when compelled to return to the page to commit a feeling or two to eternity.

i am supposed to be cleansing today, having stayed up all night working and planning to get an early start, around 5 am it became clear that my former abilities and penchant- for sacrificing sleep and getting a strange burst of creative energy from the delirium, seem to be outweighed by my body’s need for rest and replenishment- so i honor that, and set the intention of allowing life to abide by my concept of time. and allowing my body to dictate my action.

i think that is the most important, most special and most blessed thing about being an entrepreneur- is the ability to harness your own concept of time and apply it to your to’do list, and all measures of perspective as related to how life ‘ought to happen’
feeling un-encumbered by someone else’s notion of when things should be done, or when the work ought to happen is something i cannot see giving up now that i have tried to hard to work towards being able to license this reality as my own.

i do though, have moments where i am certain of what needs to happen and i impress upon myself the need to focus energy in strategic places- creative energy here- communicative vibes over there. the medicine takes hold, the motor is running and my list of potential accomplishments is miles and miles wide- so i say a small prayer and i’m off… with just a little or alot of water, and some mindful movement i know i can make it through this next phase of accomplishment- however big, deep and wide that statement stretches….
one capsule of cannabis and one painkiller and ill wash my face, pop some vitamin C and catalyse.

into the sixth day…
i decided tonight after visiting the pharmacy to fill the ten day prescription for heavy dose hormones, to do a little more research into the ‘possibilities’
– first i set out to research these pills, they are called provera and they are 10MG pills, which i am to take once per day for ten days.
the oh so lovely sounding side effects include, abdominal pain, breast pain, nausea, headaches, moodswings, depression, rapid and excessive weight gain????
since i was instructed by the specialist OBGYN to do this little diagnostic experiment i have been mulling over whether or not i would actually go through with this treatment, i figured i would do my digging for wisdom, explore my options and let my body and the moon guide me…
la luna is full in one short week so i believe i will take the time between now and then to allow the decision to come to me naturally.
as it happens this particular hormone is used in HRT for post menopausal women and for women who have endometrial or breast cancer ( albeit in much higher doses) i am not entirely certain as to the full breadth of logic behind this dr’s decision to have me put myself ( emotions especially) through the ringer of a hormone hayride.

alas i will press pause on that topic for the time being- and briefly touch on some of the horrifc realities i uncovered today whilst researching things such as endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, and some of the other language used at my last gynecologists appointment..
there are striking similarities in terms of what i have been experiencing for the alst few months, and the symptoms that present themselves to women who are facing stage 3 or 4 cancer.
although i venture to hope that some of these things might be psychological and mirrored by my sub-conscious fear somehow..
i have also come to see there seems to be an entire world of natural hormonal balance supplements, distributed under many brands and available in many different forms, so in addition to the hormonal naturopathic specialist that i am booking an appt. with this week, i will be looking to some of these as well i believe, funds allowing.

i have started to move towards 3 capsules a day of the medicinal cannabis
and i patiently wait in hopefulness that it can do the work it is meant to do, but also lift my spirits after reading so much on blogs and websites and forums that has struck a frozen chord of fear in my heart.
it’s a discomfort un-affected by any pain medicine, or elixir.
and i long for the light to ignite my darkness.
if i seek it out through my breathe i trust it will arrive in time with the dawn.
if sleep graces me i will pray for dreams of vital rebirth.
field of green and verdant lush, the wind of revolution at my back and i stnad arms outstretched to the sky, a warrior at the edge of the earth, at the dawn of a new time. and i will be free.

day 6 & 7
oops i forgot to take my morning capsule- likely because i did not put in under my pillow where i have been storing them.
i just popped it after about an hour of digging- trying to figure out what the OBGYN wrote in his clinical notes area on the ultrasound form; i called to make my ultrasound appointment for next wednesday- and i even called back after and spoke to the receptionist again, asking her if she has ever heard of this strange word written on my ultrasound form which to me, looked like it read: LEFT CACLENEXA
lenxa, as i discovered is ONLY a city in kansas and the correct term is in fact adnexal! which is some form of diagnostic used for assessing tumors in ovaries.
now that i know the correct term i will do alittle more digging.
 … the pain in my left ovary lower abdomen is just a pinching redolent of ovulation rather than a deep ache.
here’s to hoping i can figure out more than just radiology terms.
i really want to educate and enlighten myself as much as possible amidst all of this- providing myself enough knowledge to ensure that i am taking the right supplements
eating the right foods and being able, overall to monitor any results.

spring equinox has found its way here through a long grey-ish season, and the sun has yet to abide by gracing us with its presence, consistently.

some great tunes for today:

canadian beauty- bahamas

i see the sun rising in the late afternoon to meet the end of the first real day of the season, and i open up my window to allow in the gusty winter wind- despite its chill, it brings with it the faint whiff of spring…. such a promising scent, however subtle.

i started this journey on the 16th of march and having made it past the 4 day point i am gradually increasing my dosage from two to eventually three capsules, i have noticed that it gives me a bit of an energy boost when i first take it, sortof a creative kick in the pants that ignites my need to ‘do’ vs. ‘be’ which in most cases i am grateful for.

so when i emailed elephant journal to ask the editorial team if they were interested in republishing this series- the response was ” we’d love it- it’s fantastic’
i immediately thought- great! more exposure for a cause and a plethora of info that could use more exposure- but after a day or so of pondering- i reconsidered how i would position this piece, for the sake of being protective.
and having said that- i am now expressing a little trepdiation with regards to revealing such personal information about myself- within the context of a subject that is very controversial, especially right now in canada, as they have been in the midst of re-visitng the MMAR

 laws, and so a bit of a pang of fear befell me, as i imagine is typical with all ventures that are outside of the comfort zone- or otherwise a big leap in personal expression…
it occurred to me that there are people in this society- who would like nothing more than to fry peeps like me, who are exercising the right to heal as i choose to- rather than how western medicine deems it fit for me to heal…
there is alot of controversy indeed around the big pharma business- and its role in perpetuating illness, vs. curing it
there is even more controversy around medicinal cannabis- not only surrounding its current illegality but also those peeps who prey on others – home invasions happen all the time in this country, and thus its very important for me to protect myself and my family- and to that end- i would prefer to make it known that this medicine that is being made- is being made OUTside of where we live- at an undisclosed location, where the alchemy takes place-
thus none of the medicine itself, other than a few days worth of capsules at a time- are actually held here in my home.

reality is- i was not expecting to begin writing this series, in fact there is a lot surrounding this i was not planning for… i definitely wasn’t planning for potential cancer or disease and with regards to my writing i had the intention of writing in my typical stream of consciousness poetic style, in a series of artistic pieces = i had no intention of beginning this journey to wellness by alternative means, and writing about it- but the universe called me to this.. and who am i to argue with what the universe wants?
no one.

going into the first week, or coming out of it rather … leaves me with quite the headache infact… perhaps a little more sleep last night may have been smarter, i woke early with an alarm for no reason other than to greet the day at an earlier hour and see if she had anything to offer that couldn’t wait until 2pm.

at some moment i became a little too intellectual about this process and a little less about listening to my body- i am reminded as i blink through the pain…yet  grabbing the laptop to allow the words through the keys seemed the only thing that would free my of my pain.     
it’s that nudge that just gets louder as you lay dozing awakened and unable to go back to sleep for the whispering, the silent movement swaying you home to the page.

i imagine that my body is indeed encountering some serious chemical reaction – as i act a catalyst to its metamorpohizing- i need to listen so closely for its often silenced by intellect-
and remember to breathe deeper.
i say, “self, temple, body that brought me here i deeply love you, appreciate you..
allow you to be liberated, freed and cured of all cultivated illness or abuse or otherwise, allow you to heal and thus nourish my heart, mind and spirit, within your dynamic abilities- help me to  move into the natural flow of life,  for i know you are so wise you know  just the right frequency to attune to.
i pledge to you: moving forward-i promise i will drop deeper into  body.
and with love, focused intention, be present in the moment”

and she answers me…” stay firm and grounded within me and i shall deliver you all the nourishment you seek
stand by me, not in front of me and beside me not behind me, aligned, singular, nondualistic.
bringing together all the pieces, shifting towards balance.”
and my nature calls a truce with itself, and i find i am aligning towards centre.
within the temple. safe under the blanket of life.

i know vitality is achievable if i just keep seeking the right alchemy.


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