theoutlaw catalog of cagey optimism

via rob breszny an antidote for all the ignorance, negativity, mundane, paranoid, soulsuckingly enslaved and indoctrinated masses. time to expand your vocabulary a-z compendium of healthy, exalted, positive states of being. * ACUTE FLUENCY. Happily immersed in artistic creation or scientific exploration; lost in a trance-like state of inventiveness that's both blissful and taxing; surrendered … Continue reading theoutlaw catalog of cagey optimism



. I was asked just now... "Do you ever wonder if our entire universe is quite simply the dream of some random fifth dimensional being... And we are but details and dynamics that craft the most intricate, beautiful and rich tapestry of a deep delta REM"... an entirely nonchalant inquiry that led me to recall … Continue reading casualquestioning….