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wielding the warrior nature, you are in the fight for your life.

the struggles of the warrior; of which there are many can sometimes become a block to truly embracing your nature. the struggle to understand why we do what we do, why it matters, what it is all for, how we even measure our impact in a world that martyrs those who strive to improve, understanding the currency of the spirit is elemental to embracing and wielding the weapons of the warrior. what is true value? what makes real impact? how to bring light to the darkness… these are big picture issues i deal with on the daily, in different incarnations, while meeting different trials, trying to embody the warrior whilst being mired in the realities of a world that is becoming ever-more impoverished…they are struggles indeed- but met with perspective, can become weaponry.

…being conscious instantly adds a profound level of responsibility -that those whom live their lives blessedly ignorant do not have to bare- and sometimes it does become rather overwhelming, it’s tough, dude. truly and remarkably so- especially as the days seem to go like lightning…speeding by is a life that once seemed eternal, limitless and unbound by time restrictions- but the truth is that there is so much, truly so much that needs to be done in this lifetime. and those who bare that weight of conscious- understanding,  feel an irrevocable sense of pressure to make change. the notion of making change is of course a sticky subject itself because in essence what it boils down to, really- is changing oneself. not changing anything else. we have no control over the external world. changing the worlds within, which really, wins the award for the most difficult task,  firstly because it requires truly looking at ourselves. being willing to see the true reflection, mirrored in our thoughts, actions beliefs… and being willing to witness how and what we are- what our true nature is, ( which is of course, nothing. we allow ourselves to believe we are something, that our thoughts actually exist, matter, have potential to do much more than make a fleeting impact on our actions- but in reality- we are not that. we are not anything that we believe that we are. we are nondualistic and not more than the intentions of spirit, in essence….) …warriors know their nothingness, know they are nothing, and everything all at once. which in turn, makes it difficult to discern precisely what to ‘do’ in this day and age of detriment, suffering, seeming irreversible damage done to our very foundations. poisoned food. poverty-stricken-spirits, war at your front door….even while knowing reality is a carefully crafted illusion held up by nothing more than perception- when all of that is considered, in the bigger scale- shit becomes real. even in recognizing that we are not in fact anything at all, we must understand, we are powerful energy sources,  powerful albeit temporary vessels for transformation to take place. while we are suffering under the weight, that in this life- there are so many things that are wrong. so much horror being done to our children, women, to our men, to ourselves- we must understand our enemy: see the heart of the sickness- which is in greed and lack. … turmoil and suffering persist through a never-ceasing need to get richer in all facets… the sick part about that, of course, is that  true richness has lost its meaning. no one seems to understand the true meaning of wealth any longer. it’s a lost art- appreciating what is truly valuable. too many are forced to do and to act and to struggle for what is in fact empty- material and paper and without real heart….yet warriors must persist. through daily struggles, trials, to-do lists- we move forward with the mind that we are making change, with the heart that knows there is a more beautiful world that is possible;

… so with forced participation in a failing system of impoverished values, facing the harsh realities of an engineered-to-fail society, in a money-based society, with no true scale for weighing real impact. how do we measure the impact of our actions, how do you calculate ROI on the spirit of growth and positive movement? how do you know what you are doing is anything at all, means anything at all, reaches anyone at all, and are the reasons behind and the motives behind- the right ones? what are the right ones? motives, desires, intentions? how do you measure the quality and integrity of your belief? stacked up against the truly toxic evils that are perpetually shoved in your face on the daily?…. the answer i think, is to be found in redefining our scale for measurement, and re-inventing our concepts of currency.

…anytime something small happens, a small measure of kindness, a smile, a door held open for a stranger, a moment of appreciation for the breath in your lungs, the sun through the window, the first bite into an apple, the music to your ears that resounds a symphony when you are truly tuned in… that defines your richness. that is the answer you seek. in beautiful- momentary simplicity. it’s gratitude that measures your impact. it’s gratitude that is your ROI. for all the investments you make into striving to do good work, to be good to others, to try for something better, to opt-out rather than buy in to the mass marketed programming that elicits the souls of so many on the regular.

you must measure your success by how much gratitude you have for being able to recognize what gratitude truly is, what it feels like, how it overtakes your heart and fills your body with its golden glow when it comes over you. …and that is the only true scale for measurement when it comes to understanding how – and why, what we do is worth it.

the best possible compensation that can be given, can be received, can bubble up within you is that singular emotion. it is a currency with the capacity to redefine how we look at commerce, consciousness and cultivating solutions to our struggles.

gratitude is the commerce of the spirit, the heart and the true language of those whom understand, the true wealth in this world.

so. i didn’t set out to write this piece, with the intention i would end up on a tangent about gratitude, but like all artistic endeavors i believe we go into them seeking an answer. art gives us the answers that are unclear or that do not without the process appear on their own- and through the expression we find our truths. they seek us out, take us on a journey to discovery, sometimes lay chase and we weave great veils via creation prior to the unveiling of the answers.

there are many struggles on the warrior’s path. many challenges that seek us out- that we seek out, or that not-so-randomly reach us- specifically because we embody the ability to meet them with strength and humility and willingness to witness them, and in the witnessing, really see their true nature: struggles are only as such, because we perceive them to be. it is much less difficult to take on a challenge when we understand what that challenge is. when we have no prior knowledge to how the battle will play out- it requires a leap of faith, faith is a shield that must be carried in your arsenal, & it is always faith that carries with it, the potential for great victory.

this time, in this moment, the victory is understanding. understanding of why i do as i do, why i try to live outside the box, and work with only meaningful organizations and those agents of change who are trying for a better world, and bringing light to the subjects and the issues and the possibilities that might otherwise remain in darkness. i rationalize what i do, by where we would be without brave souls to bare the burden of bringing obscure, alternative, brave, empowered, nourishing, ballsy answers to the struggles of the warriors. because we are all warriors. our default is thrive. and to fight to do so. to fight to live, while survival instinct is sharp by nature, it has been dulled by decades of complacency, technology rendering a plague of lazy/ but at our foundation, and in our most primal state of humanity- we are built to be warriors. to fight for what we need, for the kind of world that we want, for the things that are required to survive. in the early days of evolution, we fought for food, and for freedom, against sickness and enemies whose goal it was to dominate our lands, we fought for the basic needs of survival. …but increasingly, my fellow warriors , while after thousands of years of progression- and so-called evolution: that fight once again becomes relevant. we are indeed warrioring for survival. for clean food, water and air. for wellness and for freedom from repression and programming. we are warrioring for our lives.

so wield the commerce of the spirit: let gratitude be your currency in receiving all you need to arm yourselves for this battle. let faith be your shield from the systems that will strive to take you down and change your mind, and impress its limitations upon your limitless spirit. you have all you need in intangibles. gratitude. faith. truth. consciousness. heart. be not afraid to wield your warrior nature. you are in the battle for your life.

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what is a nourished warrior?

mission: nourishing the warriors of the world.
The Nourished Warrior is the culmination of all of our creative efforts & many adventures in the business of artistic, holistic, catalystic: healing, transformation, empowerment & love…and is cultivated from the notion that us warriors of the world- are too often, too busy, too driven, too focused, too fierce or motivated to really take the time and invest the effort to nourish ourselves.

we are warriors, and we need only nourish our nature..

The Nourished Warrior views things from a Wholistic perspective;  and curates wisdom, wellness and empowerment strategies to arm you on your warrior’s journey with a well-rounded arsenal of nourishment for mind, body and spirit. A conscious warrior is a Nourished Warrior and a nourished warrior can affect even greater levels of change.

shift your perspective to the success, empowerment & wellness needs of your inner warrior and meet modern day challenges with enlightened action.

The Nourished Warrior will be focused on the success, empowerment and wellness needs of the warrior with modern-day challenges. Peaceful, Conscious, Activist, Heart-centric, Grassroots, Wellness, and love; whatever Warrior you identify with, whatever your spirit shows- we will strive to cultivate opportunity to nourish your nature. This innovative site will include a plethora of offerings, originality + opportunity to connect with a tasty, truth-based arsenal of nourishment to aid the embodiment & embracing of a thriving life.

nourish your nature. curating wisdom, wellness & empowerment strategies to arm you on your warrior’s journey with a well-rounded arsenal of nourishment- for mind, body & spirit.

We will offer an ever-evolving plethora of tasty goodness including: Intention-based tips, insightful content, original wellness – gear, consulting + empowerment services, creative catal-ysm , ethical business building knowledge, mindfulness, retreats, zen-warrior yoga, workshops + playshops + premium products.

blessings upon your journey…