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discernment in the age of truth – an introduction.

in the times that we live: amidst fake news and wikileaks, whistleblowers and intelligence hacks, endless parades of perpetually dirty laundry being streamed nearly 24/7- shadow banned thoughts and never-ending plots to expose this or that or – wait what is Qsayingthisweek?….an age where intelligence is measured by googleability and buzz-feed IQquizzery- and how many labels can i apply… thousands of ‘activists’ screaming in the streets… #hashtaggedhumans with halfassed efforts ensuring their social media game is on point…. mediocrely paid actors with misanthropic motives or half-woke distractors with misinformed missions…someone is paying in blood for the plight. Their conscious attention- a means of true intervention- yet their intention, is locked up tight. Seekers and Leakers and Scientists and Doctors   suicided – for their ambitions to heal what is illing or to reveal what it is that is killing- to define what confines us to this blight. To pinpoint what blinds us and unveil that which binds us to this ignorance and programmed archetype. When there are ethericimplants and 5G networks, alientechnology and geneticallyengineered psychopathy infiltrating your biology…rewriting cosmology… utopian grinders and transhumanist ‘acquirers’ biohacking nightmares that sell you the future as an algorithm made manifest by AI. With the truth now on the same supposed spectrum as gender – any number of inventive descriptive labels to define what is real, who is right, where is up and how to be… with intolerance growing as authoritarianism’s retrofitted as the ‘new norm’- no sanctions for ideological tyranny and shadow governmental conspiracy- which is not in fact conspiracy but true form )  and fuck the consensus and never mind the logic, and forget your freedoms and go without your conscience, in an insidious inside-out plot against life itself- to “do what thou wilt” …the question is- will you?

… predictive programmed epiphanies and socially engineered awakenings to nothing but more of the same. Straw-men and wetworks & dark web trafficking networks that trade on the living itself. No release and a fading shot a peace we stumble and crawl in the dark- towards the light that’s inside us, the divine made manifest- and though it cannot be stolen from you…your consent is being manufactured each moment. Amidst the archontic forces vs. the pleaidian resources…and all this cosmic coming of age-  the future that was promised and a history that’s defrauded us- will you continue as a slave?

Offshore bank ledgers, collateral accounts & documents to own you from birth… on paper, in off-world bases, underground and out of the range of sound that the human ear can hear- there are whispers of the truth- behind all its unlocked doors and discovered secrets- out of the realm of what seems possible so that you might never perceive it. The true nature of our species is to awake…break the cycle of reincarnation… and permanent stagnation swirling like water around the drain… Leveraged interplanetarily, involuntarily, without disparity… so we may never know our true power….and the collective consciousness has been hijacked with so many wolves cried that there are few who even see the danger to the flock- is the flock itself.  Where is the shepherd? Who defines what you see as real? Where do you get your truth? How in this time of #greatawakening do you tell what is true disclosure and what is another brick in your wall?

This is the story of discernment, and how to cultivate it in the age of uncertainty, fulldisclosure and the great war against love, sovereignty and liberation.



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