awakening, empowerment, Nourished Warrior Wellness

affirmations in spite of despite

Although often uneven, belief measured against practicality,

The balance exists in the intersection of courage to believe, despite tangible value…

Despite poverty- your intentions remaining sound, your spirit sustaining its high vibration,

Despite limited ability to access resources,
Your emptiness remaining pure,
Your nothingness retaining its allure of non attachment.
Despite lack of intimacy,
Your faith in human connection,
Your arms outstretched to receive your blessings…
Despite perceived defeat,
Your will fortifies a victory regardless,
Your phoenix rising from fiery ashes.
Despite constant meeting of obstacle,
The obstacles morph when met with wisdom,
Your knowing inspires a breakthrough each roadblock.
Despite all of the things that create destruction,
Light is dark, as cold is warm and
To honor balance of this synergy
cradles the chance for genuine rebirth.
Despite chimeric overlording,
Despite our manufactured oblivion,
the illusory matrix that creates the delusion,
the great remembrance is at hand.
Despite the failure of our founding fathers,
We tread lighter and bring consciousness higher,
and find success without succession.
We follow the equinoxal precession,
Ancient maps to realign our progression,
An innate alignment that guides our ascension.
Despite the broken hearts of all gods creatures,
Despite a massive decline in moral values,
Despite being left behind as the greedy climb up their invisible ladders that lead to nowhere…
Despite unenviable challenge to bridge the divide, to reconnect the disconnection,
To facilitate true and authentic connection,
May be our only hope to warrior forward.
Despite the pain and illness,
From a toxic strategy to fuel the darkness,
The healing comes from choices that nourish,
From decisions that demand your integrity be tested,
Comes therapeutic learning and opportunity to begin again…
Despite despair and degradation,
Despite driving forces that demand your willing demise,
Despite the corporate evils that command you,
That orchestrate owning you and in effect make drones of you…
Despite your ignorance,
And silent complacency or noisy agreement…
Despite your amnesia,
There are millions awakening,
Each moment cutting openings,
portals to escape from the zombie society…
Despite being mind controlled,
Your consciousness is a weapon to defeat your programming,
Despite false reality,
Our default state is clarity,
And thriving lucidity…
Even ‘midst the blinding tragedy and a willing lack of liberty,
manufactured prisonry,
And chained up spirituality,
Despite all the crafty pleas to remain under sovereignty by those without humanity,
You cannot change the destiny,
Its coded in the DNA of each and every one of thee,
Genetically disposed telepathy and a foundation based on unity,
The massive solidarity of all species of humanity,
A cosmic map without a key,
No locks or codes required to see and embrace all that’s within me,
Simply shift perspective to understand your liberty,
The birthright of our own sovereignty,
At one with those who’ve become free…
Despite the road ahead of me,
I embody positivity,
An arsenal filled with possibility.

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