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Nourished Warrior Wellness: EMPOWER | what’s going in your body?

It’s been a long time since i was able to pick up a product in the drug-store that I was able to purchase, in confidence knowing it would not poison me. With an arsenal of wisdom behind me from years of celebrating organic products on Ecocentric Guide, I have been blessed to experience some of the best in true organic skincare, and have also become accustomed to understanding the dangers of nonchalantly using any product that makes claims of ‘natural, organic’ or other terms of healthwashing. Even the most healthy-looking products out there, some even touting themselves as organic, contain some of the most carcinogenic ingredients known to man.

I’ve been holding off on writing this post for a while now, because i felt there were other issues that required my attention, but every day is becomes clearer and clearer just how uneducated we are, en-masse about the ingredients that are on-shelf nearly every retail-environment. The other day, at the gym one of the lovely workers there wanted to share with us the gift of ‘vegan and gluten free’ skincare, ( hint: this is a Multi-level-marketing company in Canada, luring women in by the hoard under the premise of making a healthy-income, from selling healthy products ) …her intentions were of the highest good, but when she brought the samples in, one look at the ingredients confirmed what i suspected, after listening to her explain how this line of products was marketing itself as ” all natural, vegan etc… ” it was a sorry, sorry shame reading that label to find such shit as titanium dixoide, and EDTA, and then having the duty of explaining to her, that the wonderful new sunscreen product she had over-paid for, in order to slather her child with what she thought was a healthy alternative, was indeed near as poisonous as its drugstore counterparts.

I find it vile, the number of manufacturers luring uneducated people to their chemical clutches, and especially despicable is those brands that are scheming by calling themselves natural”- i think it’s safe to say, now in this day and age, if a product calls itself ‘natural’ you are best to stay the fuck away from it. Natural has become a cloak by which to try and mask sinister ingredients, and for lack of a better way to put this- ‘ try and blatantly poison consumers.

Cosmetic and personal care companies are particularly dangerous as they can put almost anything they please in their products, and cleverly get away with it.

So what i thought to do, was put together a colour-coded reference chart containing the topline toxic skincare ingredients, and their effects on human health, for peeps to print off, and wield when shelf-shopping. So please peeps, Study the label, cross-check it with this chart that contains a topline of the most toxic of ingredients, so when you are shampoo, soap or sunscreen shopping- you may ensure you are purchasing with confidence.

{ Something to remember here, although these are colour referenced according to health concern, many of these cause multiple coloured-damage to us, so please use this as an indicator and education piece only.

Also please remember that this is only a top-line list, and there are many other chemicals regularly found on the label, some are cleverly re-named from the below, and some are evil counterparts.. the golden rule really is: ” if you cannot pronounce it, or it contains ( exy, el, ene, ate, or any numbers- such as 20,60,80, you probably shouldn’t put it on your skin” …and for blessed-sakes do your own research on the toxins, there are databases galore out there to help you navigate the journey- check out the Cosmetic Database to start:


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