Nourished Warrior Wellness, PURIFY

Nourished Warrior Wellness: PURIFY

As part of our Nourished Warrior Wellness series, we promised a well rounded arsenal of knowledge to arm you on your grocery-store journey. First things first, let’s talk about what NOT to buy. Most peeps are confused as to what real-healthy food actually is, it’s so much more than simply buying produce or health-washed deceivingly labelled ‘health-food’ it’s about practicing ethical buying. You can put all the goodness you want into your shopping cart, but if you aren’t considering where those products are coming from, and who’s producing them you are not only defeating the purpose altogether, but potentially supporting child labour, horrific farming practices, the degradation and starvation of foreign countries and a host of other terrifying business practices- and if anyone corners the market in ensuring every single un-ethical business practice is part of their portfolio- it’s none other than Monsanto. Their evil has been well documented and anyone who does NOT know about them needs to get the fuck off this blog immediately and go get some education. We have put together, for your printing-pleasure a NO-MONSANTO/ Do-not buy guide, to tote with you on your journey to the grocery store- and refer to each and every time you question whether or not- what’s in your hand is an ethical choice.


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