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My Medical Marijuana Journey; an experiment: volume four

Today is the day, April 9th came around pretty quickly, and in all honesty that last – less than month of my life, feels a little like a whirlwind of emotion, empowerment and interesting physical changes… having been treating myself since the 16th of March, i have come to enjoy cannabis oil as a part of my daily supplement regime and not only did i receive some incredibly encouraging ultrasound results- but i have noticed a plethora of other ‘side-effects’ of this particular plan of plant-based action… my skin is better, my hair looks healthier, i am sleeping, for the first time in years- at a decent hour and getting a consistent amount of rest and i have noticed that i seem to be also losing a bit of weight- there aint that much excess to lose, in reality- however i am cool with a few extra pounds dropping off. Spiritually as well,  i have most certainly felt the side effects of introducing CBD-rich cannabis into my diet. For one thing, i have seen a whole other level of truth seem to just blow wide open. I have always known that in the larger sense, society is outta wack. We live in a controlled environment, with constant barrages of information being both consciously and subconsciously implanted into our psyches. However, since the 16th of March, consequently when i began the medical cannabis journey- i also received a quantum pendant in the mail, so perhaps a combination of scalar and hemp energy is causing higher planes of knowledge to unfold in front of me… I have learned in the last weeks, some disturbing levels of truth- with regards to how our culture is very carefully crafted by those in omnipresent positions of power, how we are a culture fed dis-information, and consistently taught how to obey, how to alienate and how to break down the foundations of our humanity. Ego is celebrated, unity is disregarded and destroyed by the notion that we live in a world where its all about looking out for #1, it’s all about competition, being numero uno in class… all of that truth aside what it seems to come down to is harnessing our own power. Taking matters into our own hands and exercising the free will we were given in this life… and for me- that has meant challenging the system, challenging what Western Medicine has told me, and looking for a better way, a more healthy way, the way less travelled.

I made it to the Dr’s office a few minutes before my appointment, and i waited patiently amidst a room full of children and mothers – interestingly enough this really inspired in me a mental and emotional re-iteration of the fact that, wow- i really do want to have my own children one day and so this journey has become about something bigger than just my potential ‘disease’- it has become about preserving my ability to exercise the miracle of procreation… The Dr’s appt. went just as i thought it might, i waited in the check-up room, the computer screen happened to be open- and of course i could not contain my curiosity and sneaked a peek at the lab results- of which i have posted a picture here.



here’s a basic overview of how it went down:

– he opened the reports and lab results, he said he could not find anything-everything looked clear and good. He seemed to be baffled by the ultrasound, and spent most of the appointment with a very weird look on his face…..Then he proceeded to do another internal exam and was baffled by the fact that the giant mass which previously was subject of such worry- seemed to be completely, and entirely, GONE. …Albeit encouraged, he was a little pissed that i did not take the hormones, ( because despite the (unbeknownst to him ) fact that we seem to have cured “cancerous growths” with medical cannabis he still doesn’t know why i don’t have a period.) His solution was something to the effect of ingesting the high level hormones  immediately and then returning for a potential permanent prescription of the same. ( the jist of logic being – if i want to ever have kids- i better. )

At an overall his bedside manner left much to be desired… as i quizzed him on the supposed PCOS diagnosis, “exactly how do you suppose i have PCOS- when the ultrasound showed nothing??? ” He did not have an answer- ” Well, i don’t know, but i know you have it, despite your healthy BMI, etc. etc. ” … he then gives pause- a pause that was filled with the energy of seeking for something.. and says, as he looks up at my forehead, making a gesture on his own ” Oh, well i see a bit of acne there!”/// A little in shock, i responded yes- i have been working out more intensely”… Ultimately that comment was completely un-necessary, nothing more than trying to justify mal-diagnosis by pointing out three tiny blemishes on my forehead and passing them off as symptomatic justification that i actually have a disease, that he seems to want me to have!

The long and short of it is, that he had no explanation at all for why he used the words cancer- etc. with me last time, and now i am showing no signs at all of it.
the reality is that i have cured it. Medical cannabis has done its duty in a shorter timeframe than expected and while there are many things still up in the air, and unanswered the ‘un-identified mass’ has been destroyed by the plant medicine.

I did not tell him about my alternative treatment regimen he did not seem open to it, ( or anything for that matter ) so i left that part out, simply all the while acting relieved and surprised that my body had done its own mending…i asked him for copies of the reports, and left with a requisition for more blood work, a strict order to ” take the hormone pills” and a feeling of alleviation, accomplishment and awe.
i will get the blood work done, get copies of it- and get a second opinion elsewhere to be sure of everything because there is still no logic for why my abdomen seems to be in consistent pain ( though lessened with the hemp oil )… and i have no menstruation.
but at an overall, the most amazing part of this story- is that we seem to have, in a very short time- rehabilitated my reproductive system.

For those still in doubt, i have posted a video update of my results as well, just to give you a closer look at the sincerity that i am striving to present all of this with. I have no ulterior motives here, i am not trying to discredit nor advocate any alternative treatment over another.. all in all this series has been about my own personal journey to healing with medicinal cannabis and along the way, i have been documenting my results, allowing the plant to do its work within me, and doing my best to facilitate a healthy temple for healing… i intend also to share a brief overview of all of the tools i have incorporated into my healing regimen… the main tool of course being the cannabis itself- however there are many other lifestyle based things that i also do, on a daily basis that i do believe has only added to the plant’s ability to do its work within me.

for those interested in what a day in my life looks like in terms of my activities wellness, i will be posting very shortly- an overview of that. Along with a series that is devoted to Nourished Warrior wellness plans, these will include meal plans, food education and tips, exercise tips, and a whole bunch of other wholistic – minded goodness. Eventually we will be launching a service for those whom are interested in adopting a Nourished Warrior wellness and lifestyle plan, but for now- its all about sharing the wisdom that we have, on wellness- and the exciting experimental successes that have brought me from cancer to cure in less than 30 days.  In the next twelve months i will be moving from a regular cannabis treatment to a whole food clean diet, and upon the way documenting my progress…with updates to come as i make my way through the next series of specialists.

in the meantime, for those of you out there- whom in one way or another, have been effected by cancer- or any other destructive disease- i petition you to please take a look at the many many documentary films available out there- to educate you on the healing alternatives that exist. Primarily as related to cannabis as a cure- please watch any of these:

read volume five

5 thoughts on “My Medical Marijuana Journey; an experiment: volume four”

  1. I’m from Perth, Western Australia. I noticed most of this is based in America. Do you know of anyone here in Australia who are as dedicated to this cure as you guys are? I have a thyroid cancer and would much rather cure it naturally before they put the knife to me. My daughter has also been diagnosed with PCOS it would be so wonderful if she could be cured of this awful ailment. Any leads would be very much appreciated.

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