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what is a warrior?

While i have almost simply assumed that all whom arrive here, are already aware of what it means to be a warrior, but this morning i was inspired to share a perspective on it- beyond our initial creed

Traditionally, the word Warrior – equates with the idea of ‘fighting’, ‘battle’ or conflict. describes it as the following:


[wawr-ee-er, wawr-yer, wor-ee-er, wor-yer] Show IPA



a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.

a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.
If i were i would be removing ‘politics’ from equating with this term, however this gives a pretty decent jist as to just how this word is perceived in modern society.
Our perspective is much more idealistic, to us- the word warrior is less about fighting and more about love, and advocating endlessly that which we love. Empowering our purpose by devoting ourselves fiercely to brazenly fighting for its success, nourishment and thriving of our ultimate and collective journeys. Being a warrior is about bravely adhering to our path, unwaveringly serving the highest level good and light and uncompromisingly allowing ourselves to be – incredibly strong, willful and wise, humble, vulnerable and wise enough to nourish each facet of our nature as we move towards this higher consciousness, this better world, this greater reality- wielding our weaponless weapons of war- war against ego, war against ignorance, war against war itself and the mentality of the weak whom support a failing system, who buy into a mindless culture, who are duped by a heartless idea that we are all separate.
Part of the vision for the Nourished Warrior is based upon the idea that while as Warriors we must inevitably fight, we also must be wise enough to be weak. Be courageous enough to be small, be evolved enough to know the difference between thriving and flailing.
As we continue to develop to Nourished Warrior, we will be drawing some archetypes for you to identify with, some unique ways to align with the concept of being a warrior.
The nourishment we will seek to provide will differ for each Warrior- and during our evolution we will strive to bring all the best in healing, empowerment tools for each and every type of conscious warrior in the world, today.
“We may think of peace as the absence of war, that if the great powers would reduce their weapons arsenals, we could have peace. But if we look deeply into the weapons, we will see our own minds – our own prejudices, fears, and ignorance.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

what is a warrior?

a way of thinking,

a way of being,

a way of life,

a way of perseverance,

a choice to perceive life as a series of challenges to be overcome,

a knowing. a knowing that we have all that we need encoded within us, and the warrior’s divine birthright is to reclaim it.

a path of faith,

of non-attachment,

a path that champions the heart,

a path of seeking- for the universe always blesses us with what is sought…

faith that darkness will inevitably bring light,

a path of discipline, honor and respect for the mind, the heart, for all life and our inextricable connections to all that is.

the warrior walks the path- kissing the earth with one’s feet… for the earth is the same as own temple.

the spirit of the warrior is a revolution,

It is a revolution.

the warrior inspires revolutions in understanding, revolutions in awakening, revolutions in compassion,

and proceeds with a beginners mind,

unafraid to stand naked in vulnerability and understand that in that moment we are at our most powerful…

a warrior knows the war is in our soul.

our egos presenting our most villainous foe.

the warrior knows each moment is pregnant with infinite possibility, and strives to live within each instance.

the warrior knows enlightenment is not a destination, but a state that’s within us- the warrior knows presence is key.

a believer in miracles,

a steadfast advocate for equality,

a warrior honours your beliefs,

a warrior questions their own, for with abandonment of belief we see truth.

a warrior recognizes suffering, and through clarity, calmness, & strength, it’s transformed.

certain our thoughts can change our reality we align our minds with our hearts,

defending the truth with humility,

armed with a hunger to learn,

we move patiently, consciously, fearlessly through our obstacles wielding our arms to meet ultimate victory-

the ultimate outcome of all battle – love.

a warrior fights for love, love of life, family, for community, for goodness, for humanity,

for all the wonder and the promise and the possibility swollen within the heart-

we build an arsenal,

empower ourselves with wisdom,

with veracity,

with unfailing devotion to achieve that ultimate reward-

to live in love.

the warrior is a storm,

a fire,

a force of nature compelled by steadfast knowing that all is impermanent,

and we can only strive to thrive in our own epic- heroes in our own lovestory.

the warrior’s creed connects us all.


“A warrior acts as if he knows what he is doing, when in effect he knows nothing.”

-Carlos Castaneda

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