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My Medical Marijuana Journey: an experimental series: vol. 1

“What is a weed? …A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Disclaimer: this is not a story about smoking weed, it is not the ramblings of a modern day hippie waving a freak flag; I am not condoning (or condemning) the use of illegal drugs, nor is this series meant to promote substance abuse of any kind.
I am presenting factual evidence, research-based statistics and the realities of healing by ‘alternative’ means.
This series is documenting my journey to overcome potential ‘cancer’ and other health-related issues, using medicinal hemp.
Front and Centre I am just going to say it: Here is the reality: the cure for cancer exists; and it has been dutifully and at great length covered up for the better part of a century. Now that I am currently in this position in my life, I am choosing to use my voice to document an un-biased journey through the medical system and the western prognosis vs. my own simultaneous treatment.

my MMJourney, a series. volume one:
March 16th, 2013
This is day one of my medical marijuana experiment. In short: I am dosing to treat whatever illnesses have cropped up into my body as a result of a lifetime of neglect, abuse, and a combination of the damage done to my temple after 30 years of a lifestyle unfocused on wellness.
Suppose I should deliver a little on the background behind this experiment…  
first: the health issue.
In 2011, I spent most of the year living on the beach in Tulum, Mexico, without delving too far into the mournful particulars around what transpired suffice to say, for now- I became pregnant; had a miscarriage; had surgery in a Mexican clinic and was nearly kidnapped and sold into Spanish-sex trafficking while having to hurriedly escape the country …. all within a two week span.
Upon arriving home to Canada, convalescence was far from what i experienced; an ongoing series of health fall outs began to unfold…from a hard fought battle ending in emergency gallbladder removal surgery to the onset of a gastric ulcer,  and of course a case of amenorrhea that was the result of the aforementioned loss.  During this time, I was tossed around in the healthcare system, treated as no more than a number while my health card was swiped and the cha-chings rung loudly through the halls of many clinics, no doctor was giving me the relief that I sought.  
In constant pain, and on a steady diet of morphine and Motrin cocktails, I was a veritable zombie, sleepless, wasting and without hope… some nights consisted of eight hour stretches where i would vomit blood, bile and dry heave to the point where i sobbingly-swore my insides were coming out.  ( Oh, Had I only had access to the alternative treatments then, as I do now… )
I was assured through the series of ultrasounds and MRI’s I was undergoing as part of the gallbladder fiasco, that this incessant pain was due only to an organ that needed removal, rather than residual damage from the miscarriage. The surgery came and went and I began to heal although my menstrual cycle continued sporadically for the next year,  until September 2012- when it ceased completely.
Admittedly, for the first few months of being sans-menses, I considered it sortof a welcome reprieve, given the hemorrhage trauma previously suffered… thus not doing much about it save for silently knowing that something was off.  
After much persuasion from those close to me, I got in to see a Western Medicine Dr. to seek to uncover the issue…  
She ran a slew of tests- already knowing the diagnostic-drill, I dutifully obliged with patient hopefulness that nothing too tragic was amiss…after what seemed far too little digging to discover diagnosis as to why my period had suddenly ceased- I was (mis)diagnosed with PCOS.  
A condition that typically appears in women at the onset of their teen years and can cause anything from excessive hair growth to obesity, (at a relatively small: 5’4 130 pound fair-haired blonde who barely needs to shave her legs, that certainly ain’t the case.)
Not buying this diagnosis, I shirked her insistence to immediately treat me by putting me on a high dose of hormones, which according to her, would regulate the situation, but I would have to take them for the rest of my days if I planned on eventually having a family.  
What the miscarriage in 2011 taught me above all else, is that I truly do have a desire to have children one day, be blessed by the miracle that is giving life to another human; and with the plethora of possible outcomes I have been presented with since January of this year- the outlook for that has been painted as bleak by those in the practice of corporate-medicine.
Now I have never been a real  believer in western medicine- to say the least; but most of all I have little faith left in a corporate-run industry that is built upon the backs of treating people with chemicals that ought to be banned, not added to the daily regime of so many…only fueling the cycle of sickness and profit.
..So I skeptically said no, and immediately asked for a referral to a specialist.
Several weeks passed and I ventured off to the OBGYN who started from square one in seeking to find the answer for my irregularities.
-a barrage of questions  and a routine internal exam revealed a cyst so painful and large that when the Dr. discovered it- I squealed like I had been maliciously stabbed.
Discovery of this strange mass led to an incredibly painful biopsy of my endometrial lining, ( and i mean painful…hysterics, hyperventilating screaming painful )  
So now, not only was I irregular- and possibly suffering from a ‘hormonal disease’ but I had somehow, in the last six weeks, grown a giant mass in my left ovary.
” cancer. tumor. unidentifiable growth. “… inside the left part of my reproductive system.  

Needless to say- this use of language ignited a deep seated worry within me.
( a little background on my lifestyle at present, would reveal that i am not uneducated as to the ‘secrets’ of sustaining optimal wellness:  
I eat almost all raw, gluten free, organic, and whole foods as well as supplementing with natural and ayurvedic plant medicines, such as turmeric, ashwagana, green tea, maca, hemp, omegas, d vitamins, pro-biotics, greens and a series of other nutritional boosters including isagenix which is a wholistic cleansing and wellness product system. )  
Suffice to say- I do all I can to promote nutritional balance to an unbalanced system that has been in part, cultivated as a by-product of a food-system that breeds so much sickness. So I am not coming into this situation- from an unhealthy lifestyle. I have been moving away from previous abuse and towards making wellness an priority for the last three years or so)
In a not very forthcoming manner, amidst the mutterings of words like ‘ overgrown cells, cancerous growth and several other not so comforting terms,  I was sent off along my way with the need for yet another ultrasound of my insides,  and a prescription for ten days of high level hormone therapy, to see if I would regulate, I was told to do as I was prescribed and return in four weeks for the biopsy results etc.
Fearful and uncertain, I began to research all the possible illnesses associated with what had been found in my reproductive system.
Overwhelmed and in disbelief- I quickly ceased to continue research altogether and spent the rest of the night quietly praying and sharing my experience with select few close to me.
It was later that evening that an alternative revealed itself…I would definitely not describe myself as a ‘ do as you are told’ type of chick.
I have never much abided by rules restrictions, definitely not believing something until I had all the concrete and experiential evidence to prove it to my left brain self. And so it is with that perspective that I undertake this experiment.
now comes the herbal component of this journey…
While its initial roots go back thousands of years, As far back as the Mesolithic, or Middle Stone Age, the cannabis plant has been harvested for a plethora of sacred, religious uses: 1 along with lifestyle 2 and health-related uses 3 since the dawn of time, yet still there remains ” mostly unfounded skepticism about the many medicinal benefits of cannabis and a tremendous level of fear-mongering about its purported harms.” 4

Its use in modern day medicine has been well documented as far back as the 1800’s cannabis was widely used by physicians, it was a regular part of their healing arsenal and could be found in nearly every Dr’s tool-kit. It was not until the early 1940’s when the industrial revolution changed nearly every industry and healthcare started its gradual shift towards a more corporate, bottom-line driven business focused on generating on profits over cures, 5 that cannabis began its journey to becoming an outlawed and demonized ‘weed’, rather than go-to cure-all ‘plant’.
In 1942, Cannabis was removed from the U.S. Pharmacopeia because of continuing concerns about its safety. In 1951, US Congress passed the Boggs Act, which included Cannabis with narcotic drugs for the first time and finally, under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, marijuana was classified as a Schedule I narcotic along with other harmful substances such as cocaine, meth, etc.

making our own medicine…
Someone very close to me- who was born to be a botanist among so many other things ( artist, musician, etc. ) had been curing his last batch of premium medical grade cannabis since last May, when he harvested five of the most potent organic plants that you would be likely to find this side of Humboldt county.
His interest in growing herbal medicine likely began before he was born- as familial roots reveal an ancestry of Naturalists and nature worshippers,
And with his own journey through the medical system, and dealings with chronic pain…his desire to grow medicine to treat those suffering from traditional ‘ non-curable’ diseases became more and more of a motivator.
For a few years now he has been in the process of getting his approval from the MMAR – Medical Marijuana in Canada is operated under the strict guidelines of Health Canada
which = very few licenses issued each year and so much red tape that often peeps get so bound up in the red- that they never progress pass the initial application stage.  But My Dear one has been patient. He was working with a renowned Dr. in Toronto- who called himself a Cannabinoilogist. but now retired he is seeking another medical practitioner to muddy through the paperwork needed to get production approval to cultivate more than five plants.
However, the initial ability to grow for personal use enabled him to harvest two batches of biodynamically grown, fully organic, high CBD – medical grade Indica-Sativa in 2012. One strain, northern lights, is renowned for its high CBD content, ( CBD or cannibidiol is one of the 483+ naturally occurring chemicals in marijuana,  
it is not psychoactive like THC, but works more on the physiological level- treating pain, and disease from a very cellular level.
Studies have seen cannabis and its extractions, do the following things, ( and yet it remains a class one narcotic- fully illegal in the USA and Canada – with select variations on the laws from state to state and in Canada under the MMAR. 6 )
– amelioration of nausea and vomiting,

stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients,

lowered intra ocular eye pressure (shown to be effective for treating glaucoma),

ceasing epileptic seizures,

forcing tumors to go into remission,

treating the effects of Parkinsons disease,

and acting as a general analgesic / painkiller;

and alleviation of the effects of many other degenerative diseases that remain a supposed ‘mystery’ to western medicine researchers.  7
The cannibinoids in the plant, once ingested- basically act as scavengers, seeking out the free radicals in the body, that transform and cause disease ie: cancer cells etc. 8
specifically related to cancer, testing has shown that the cannibinoids work in the body in such a way that they actually trigger unhealthy cell death, through a mechanism called ‘apoptosis’ read: they direct the cancer cells to commit suicide.  Recent studies found THC binds to protein receptors on cancer cells, inducing the cell to make a fatty substance called ceramide, which prompts the cell to devour itself. ( Non- cancerous cells do not make ceramide in contact with THC, and so do not die. ) 9

An interesting reality that few people may know- ( as it is part of the truth that is so suppressed and mis-represented), is that human beings actually have, present in our brains, endo-cannibinoid receptors. The same as we have DMT receptors 10  ( see Ayuhuasca >), receptors, ie: There are naturally occurring chemicals in the human physiology, that are also present in cannabis, the plant.  Mother’s milk contains endocannabinoids that assist a child with stress, promote appetite, and protect cells from oxidation.
During the course of our life, our immune systems address potential threats by creating “reactive oxygen species” or free radicals. While protecting us, free radicals create inflammation that can cause damage to the body. It is the role of our bodies’ endocannabinoids to control free radicals and regulate this healing behavior. This information has been gathered from an article titled- ‘ Could Cannabis be an essential nutrient? ‘ please read the entirety of this article for more valuable evidence. 11

So last night, it was 3:30 a.m.. and I had been asleep an hour.
I was awoken by my loved one, in my room-  producing a small pill bottle and promptly pronounced, ” I want you taking one of these a day- starting now every day for a week, next week we will start giving you two. ”
He had created capsules for me to dose, containing four strains of the most potent strains possibly ever known to man blended into a fine powder.
I have asked him for the purpose of this piece, to elaborate on the science and alchemy behind making this medicine:
” Over the course of the last few years, I have had ample exposure to both medical grade cannabis and its big-pharma counterparts- which in essence are synthetic versions of isolated cannibinoids- mass produced and prescribed for everything from cancer and aids side effects to chronic pain, which was my own health concern. I tried the prescribed medication (nabilone or cesamet) 12
with little success, although I had gone into it suspecting its lack of value due to the method in which is is produced; however for the sake of research and in seeking out my own relief any way I could- I followed the Dr’s recco for about a month before side effects took hold and I was no longer able to ingest these perversions by medicine, of a plant I knew to be a miracle otherwise.
Through my own research on the subject I have found that most (=90 percent) of the research done on the medical benefits of cannabis- is either biased or just misses the mark completely by focusing on the wrong criteria;  
Such as isolating and synthesizing one chemical out of the hundreds present in whole plant cannabis  
– or even more prone to marginalization, mis-representation and misgiving: only testing inhaled cannabis.  
Here is the problem with both of those research methods:
A ) The chemical most talked about in marijuana is THC;, The reason for that is that it is present in the highest amount when the plant is harvested, (and it is the main reason your neighborhood hippies smoke it )  
But it is what happens when you CURE the cannabis that researchers and most people in general, are missing.
– CURING, is a process similar to the aging of wine is done by taking the mostly dried buds and first slowing the drying
process down by placing them in glass jars, in a cool dark place-,  
– What this does, is allow more of the plant sugars to turn to THC thus ensuring that the buds are as potent as can be.
– Once that is done most cannabis is sold and used as medicine, but I’ve found through my own research that if you continue to CURE the cannabis for up to 12 months
the THC begins to break down-, becoming less psycho-active and the more medically valuable chemicals including CBD and CBN both of which have shown to treat/cure epilepsy and other diseases.
– When cannabis is in its raw form – these cannabinoids are in the form of acids THC-acid, CBD-acid it is not until these cannabinoids are heated to a certain temperature (Decarboxylation) that they become psychoactive,  
also when these chemicals are burned the patient is only receiving a small fraction of the medicinal benefit  (34mg of an available 174mg/gram)
thus making the two main clinical testing methods almost useless ( -although it serves to be said of course, that smoking is helpful for some things like glaucoma, chronic pain and some stomach problems etc. )
Put another way you can compare this to the raw food movement, as the same premise applies here– 13 when you heat your food fast a certain temperature it begins to lose its full nutritional potential )
14. more>
in addition to this:
It has been found that when fresh, the plant contains a lot of non- psychoactive precursor Cannabinoids such as THC acid. THC acid (THCa) which have recently been shown to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects.
By nourishing our endocannabinoid system, the juiced leaves and buds can also help the body function more efficiently, effecting all 210 human cell types. 15
I am supposed to be medically licensed In Canada to grow a ‘personal’ amount of plants; but I didn’t just throw some seeds in the ground, I’ve studied for years all the aspects of marijuana cultivation and through teachings by experts and botanists, personal experience and alot of trial and error I’ve found which strains (varieties) of cannabis are best for medical use.
I procured genetics (seeds) from around the world and grown many varieties most of which I’ve used as medicine ..but there were a few promising strains which i harvested last year and have continued to cure in a special place, for the better part of a year.
Speaking to the production of the plant based medicine that is being given to my sister,  
For the onset of this experiment, I am testing the use of high level CBD cannabis- delivered via the ‘curing method’
– I took the four best strains of cannabis I had on hand (the reason for the multiple strains, is that each strain of cannabis has a unique makeup of different cannabinoids at different levels and since no one quite knows yet- exactly which strain, chemical or combination of chemicals is most healing for any particular illness. I made the conscious decision, that the best plan would be to use as many of the best and most potent varieties to mix for the medicine.
I did so by grinding them up and mixing them together into a fine powder and putting them in a capsule which I estimate to have 150mg of active medicine per/capsule and I advised to start by taking one per day,  to monitor the effect and then once comfortable, we will up the dosage to 2, and progressing with treatment as the evolution of her wellness dictates “

So suffice to say- I have a ton of research, experience and expertise backing my experiment.  
I have seen so many success stories– 16  from sufferers who have been completely cured, and are not only are able to function and live normal lives again, but they are also being the change in that they are stopping the cycle- of big pharma profit by shedding the light on a better way.
A simple Google of the terms ” cannibinoids and cancer” or cannabis and cancer will reveal that the evidence is vast and stretches far and wide.

There is a forerunner in the field of using Cannabis as a cure-all, who is located somewhere here in Canada, His name is Rick Simpson, a self-proclaimed hemp activist, and leader in the medicinal cannabis movement. Rick has started a worldwide movement with aim to bring hemp, man’s oldest known and safest medication, back into widespread medicinal use.

Rick’s website Phoenix Tears ( advocates use of hemp for use from eradication of disease to overall wellness and preventative maintenance.
Last year Rick released the film ‘ Run from the Cure’, 17
Which quite simply proposes the notion that Cannabis is not only a miracle plant, but a plant that has the power to change the world in a very real way, from all aspects of life.
Run from the Cure documents Rick Simpson’s journey- and has been produced, for free, to teach the world how to heal itself of disease and illness using cannabinoids.

The method that Rick uses to create his medicine, is an extraction process by which he is harnessing the healing powers of the cannibinoids in hemp plants, formulating a whole-plant medicine that acts on all illnesses present in the human body.
This medicinal formulation that Rick is advocating is made solely to treat illness – to be utilized as a form of medicine- aka: it does not get you high, it does not produce any psychoactive response, but rather the opposite, the way this medicine is crafted is through the same previously-mentioned method of extracting the chemicals through a no-heat process, thereby preserving the integrity of the whole plant, and at once not releasing those chemicals in cannabis the create the ‘ high’ or psychoactive response.

Thus- The medicinal marijuana movement, is less about smoking and more about keeping cannibinoids in their raw and thus most potent form.

Some of the testimonials from patients who have experienced treatment via Rick’s 90 day program have testified to incredible results.
here are a few snippets of success:

“I’m an 18 year old med student, and I use hemp. I suffer from a form of autism that is called Asperger, [Asperger’s Syndrome] with hemp I don’t suffer from it and I can live a normal life. ”
“..I have been taking the hemp oil for the past 60 days with tremendous positive success for a chronic pain condition I have had since I was 18 years of age. For the first time that I can remember, I have little or no pain with the Ankylosing Spondylitis I have had to suffer with all my life.”
There is an ever-growing series of communications, updates and success stories from patients who have been treating their conditions from basal carcinoma to stage four terminal cancer that has spread throughout their bodies- please click here to read more about this… 18

The research and support behind this movement is beyond incredible, the evidence presented from so many different sources- and the success rates, simply do not lie.  Like many others, it seems this plant was put on the earth for us to use, as a healing medicine.  
Once again- I do not advocate the use of marijuana for the purpose of smoking blunts and getting couch locked into hours of infomercials and junk food binges, nor do I either condone one way or another the severe consequences- that have befallen those who have chosen to abuse this plant through crafting an underground drug-market that takes the lives of many each year.  
But rather through documenting my own journey, I want to shed a light on the proposed ability of this seeming miracle plant- to change lives in the most positive, surprising and empowering ways.
That is my mission with this series- and through my own trial period, I will lay down the most brutally honest responses, and the most blatant fact-based evidence possible to share my results with all.
This will also be a series about a race against modern medicine’s prognosis, wherein I will see whether in the timeframe between now, and April 9th when my biopsy results come back, I can change my potential diagnosis.
As far as I know, in Canada, this is the first publicly documented experiment of its kind, with the ability to at once expose what is going on in the healthcare industry- and its ties with big pharma, and the dark reality of how far they stretch… and at the same time document the effects and progress of a self-healing program
I will be documenting everything… and let’s be clear- at no point in this particular series am I, or will I be talking about ‘rolling a fatty, or vaporizing some sweet kush’
although all of that certainly carries with it – its own medicinal benefits.
This series is about the whole-plant cannabis as a healing method- it’s about cannabinoids in their pure form, ground into a medicine, and that medicine’s ability to do what many believe it was put on this earth to do cure humans from their often self-imposed illness, to cure us from the diseases we develop as a by-product of living in this industrialized, corporate-ized world, to help us maintain optimal health and at once bring together a world that with the development and cultural evolution of language, forgot its fundamental connection, both with the earth and with one another.  
to bring unity.  
& one love.  
” Herb is the healing of a nation”
~ Bob Marley

So with that all said:  
This is day one of my medicinal marijuana journey- and having layed down the logic for y’all on the whys- I wanna focus a bit on the effects and the reality of the medicine doing its work:  
– so far I’ve been awake two real hours- and an hour into taking the first dose, I felt fundamentally compelled to sit down here at my desk and start this series,  
inspiration flowing, feeling calm from the centrepoint out- which is something i so rarely get to experience since i abandoned a disciplined yoga practice and it is a welcome guest in my world.  
A burst of ideas for how to put the message out into the world and tie all the connections in this matrix of interconnected understanding of a plant that is alienated and at once embraced by the world.  

At the end of the horrific specialist’s appointment, the nurse informed me that I was likely to continue experiencing pain, cramping, pinching etc… which at this point I still am- though I can feel the plant doing its work and the pain slowly numbing; what I am trying to do, is imagine that the plant is inside me, doing its work- going up against whatever this unwelcome mass is, within my body… like a junkyard guard dog- protecting its turf.
With patience and grace, I will act as the temple where the war for healing takes place… working to warrior through in my own way, the only way I think I really and truly know how. through my words.
My plan is to continue with the medicinal form of cannabis for ten days as I am told, along with wearing my quantum pendant which consequently just got here in the mail yesterday… dawning my regular crystal intention/empowerment wear, drinking my alkaline water, and enjoying my isagenix program alongside the raw food diet that i have been moving towards for months now…keep my altar lit and incorporate a little less cardio and a little more vinyasa, and always, always,  more music.

I will see you on the other side of a week.
In the interim I would love to hear about anyone out there who has similar experience, who wishes to share their own personal story or who can attest to any remarkable results of their own.
One of my own dreams, is to one day build a healing collective where anyone and everyone is welcome to gather in the spirit of empowering collective wellness, and that foundation shall be built upon sharing.
with gratitude and much love,
sat Nam,
R. Image


read volume two

to be continued…
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